Conference Training

We have three fundamental trainings from world-class experts, enabling you to build data pipelines similar to those underpinning the companies presenting at Data By the Bay. All trainings are taught in parallel on May 15, 2016, before Data By the Bay, at Galvanize (the conference venue). In order to register, get a single training pass and redeem it for one of the three trainings. They run in parallel.


End-to-End Data Pipelines with Data Fellas

Join Data Pipelines By the Bay on May 15th, 2016 for a unique day of Agile Data Science and End-to-End Data Pipeline Training.

We'll have dozens of engineers building, in one day, a complete analytics backend with:
  • Kafka message bus
  • Spark and Spark Streaming
  • Cassandra for persistence
  • Spark Notebook by Data Fellas for data analysis and Spark UI

Microservice Architectures by Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson, the creator of the original CloudFoundry, and founder of and will teach you how to build production-ready Microservices in Scala and Java.

Natural Language Processing with Gabor Melli

Gabor Melli is the Chief Scientist at OpenGov, author of KDD-award winning paper about production NLP pipelines, and co-organizer of the KDD 2016. He returns with his highly reviewed Detailed Introduction to NLP.